Darfur Crisis


If you ask a little girl in the United States to draw a picture, what would she draw? A flower? A heart? If you ask a little girl in Darfur to draw a picture, chances are she would draw a gun, a destroyed village, and people with broken hearts. Darfur is on the continent of Africa, in the country of Sudan. Ever since 2003, people who live in Darfur have been dying, getting raped, displaced, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed. This is the story of Darfur.


To begin with, the people in Darfur were split up in two groups- Arabs, which were nomads, and Africans, which were farmers. The two groups fought over land constantly, but it was never anything major. However, in the 1980s, the Arabs got control. A fight was predicted because of this. One day, a huge drought came over the land. This is the one thing all the people on Darfur can agree on- everything started with the drought. The two groups fought more and more because of this drought. Then, Africans formed a group, the Sudan Liberation Army (S.L.A.) and attacked in February 2003. They attacked because they did not like the Arab’s attitude. They attacked an airport, destroyed fighter planes, and killed a hundred soldiers. President Omar al-Bashir had a lot of choices to stop this fighting, but chose the worst one- the Janjaweed. The Janjaweed is a government supported militia. Instead of trying to stop and control the fighting, the Janjaweed increased it. President Al-Bashir clearly was blind while choosing his decision. Soon, the Janjaweed took over (Malek).


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This crisis story isn’t for the faint-hearted. The Janjaweed torture the Darfurians.  They basically want to cause as much trouble as possible. They will usually go into a village, destroy any buildings and houses, shoot the men, rape females/kids, and shoot anyone who tries to escape (“Darfur For Dummies”). About 400,000 innocent people have died. 97% of these people have been executed by the Janjaweed. 150,000 people have died from acts of violence. When the Janjaweed don’t kill the villagers, the villagers are often displaced and are forced to move to a nearby refugee camp (“11 Facts About Darfur”). The refugee camps, however, have no food or clean water. If the Darfurians wish to get food or water, they will have to risk their lives, go outside of the refugee camp, and look for food (“Darfur For Dummies”). The refugee camps are also overcrowded and disease-infested. More than 2.8 million Darfurians have been displaced and 80% of that are young girls that have been apart of sexual slavery and are abused. 80 toddlers die each day because of lacking nutrition (“11 Facts About Darfur”). This crisis has to be stopped.




The crisis in Darfur hasn’t gone unnoticed. There are many charities supporting Darfur. The U.N. has been trying to help the genecide. Celebrities are also trying to help and support Darfur. One of these many celebrities is Angelina Jolie. “The situation in Darfur has been going on for too long. It’s only getting worse. Reports are pouring in about mass atrocities including children getting raped and killed. If people are aware of the facts, I believe many will be driven to action” Jolie states. She has visited Darfur several times and supports the Darfurians (Saunders). Other celebrities have also tried to help Darfur. Musical artists have recorded songs and cd’s to help support Darfur. A well-known CD is Instant Karma. There area lot of songs from various artists in this CD. Artists include Avril Lavgine, Christina Aguilera, Aerosmith, Greenday, Black Eyed Peas, U2, and many more (Instant Karma)! More and more people, normal and famous, are supporting Darfur each day.



The crisis in Darfur has gone long enough. Ever since 2003, people who live in Darfur have been dying, getting raped, displaced (but it hasn’t gone unnoticed). With people risking their lives to get the necessities that we take for granted, it isn’t fair one bit! We take a lot of things that we consider necessities for granted. It is very wrong. We should learn how to appreciate things that many people in Darfur can’t have. Darfur is a crisis and I’m here to try to stop it. Are you?



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2 thoughts on “Darfur Crisis

  1. Hi Jessica!
    I am Rachster from Adelaide, Australia and I am in grade 7.

    I had no idea this was even going on!!! I haven’t heard it anywhere! This is crazy. I can’t believe all this violence and abuse, you are right. It isn’t fair.

    I am currently reading the “Tomorrow, When The War Began” series and it is all about these teenagers who are in the middle of a war. It has made me relise how many necessities we take for granted and so has this.

    Thanks for teachimg me so much about this crisis.
    Rachster 😀

  2. Hi Jessica!

    I am absolutally with you on this because it is a crisis and something needs to be done. 🙁

    I would be quite happy to advertise your cause. I could copy and paste your post (Of course dedicating the whole thing to you) onto my blog and ask for more support or something like that.

    If you don’t want me to then please let me know. I won’t do anything until I hear back from you.

    Rachster 😀

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