Student Blogging Challenge 7- The Hunger Games!!!

Hey everyone! As you may or may not know, The Hunger Games is a book! There is only three books in the series, but the are so awesome!!! The three Books are: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. I love them! They are my favorite books! They are also becoming a movie in March of 2012. I suggest that everyone reads them! They are by Suzanne Collins. For news/fun stuff about The Hunger Games movie/books, go to this blog. This is where I go to get all of my information about the books. You can also go to this website for news/fun stuff about the series. Leave a comment answering these questions about reading…

  • What are your favortie book(s)?
  • Who wrote them?
  • Why do you like them?
  • Who should read them?

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Student Blogging Challenge 9- Continue?

Hey all! For the challenge, I have to decide whether I will continue writing over the summer. Honestly I don’t know. summer is a time for no homework, no electronics, just to go outside and have fun and be glad school is over (for a few months). Therefore, I don’t really think I will be writing during the summer. Just go outside and have fun! Maybe I’ll write a few posts, but don’t really count on it. But thank you for everyone who came to my blog and/or left a comment.


Student Blogging Challenge 10-Question and Answer

For Challenge 10


Q:Is two weeks early enough for registration to begin before the first challenge?

A: I think it was early enough.


Q:Did you subscribe by RSS or email in order to get the posts as soon as they were published?

A: No, I just went to the blog.

Student and class pages

Q:How useful are these pages in the header of the blogging challenge?

A: They were okay.

The Challenges

Q:Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog?

A: I visited the actual challenge on the blog each week.

Q:Which challenges were the most useful?

A:Probably the challenges that taught us how to do something for our blog (like widgets).

Q:Which challenges were the most interesting?

A: I think Student Blogging Challenge 6 Activity 6 (the Wordle) was very interesting and cool!

Q:What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges?

A:Maybe some things about the future instead of the past.

Q:Are more tutorial type challenges needed? eg how to make a link in your post

A:Probably. Since I was new to blogging, I didn’t really know how to do much…

Q:Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful?

Some of them were, but some of them were just a waste of time.

Q:Were the challenges where you had to embed ie polls, cartoons, wallwisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding?

A: They were fun, but sometimes it was difficult to get them on your blog.

Q:Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes?

A:Yes I actually made a couple friends.:)

Q:Anything else you would like to mention about the challenge in particular?

A:I think the challenges were kind of fun, but you should include more activities that help you express yourself (like Wordle!).

Student Blogging Challange 2- My Avatar

Sorry for it being way too late…

Picture 2

For the challenge, I’m writing about my avatar. My avatar, overall, kind of looks like me, I guess. She’s wearing something I would wear. My avatar’s style is cool, fun, outgoing, funny, adventurous, sweet, mysterious, and just plain out awesome! I think I have her personality, which makes us both alike in a way. So…

  • Do you have an avatar?
  • What does it look like? Does it look like you? How?
  • What is its personality?

Hope to hear from you!!!:)



Student Blogging Challenge 1-My Theme

I was absent so I didn’t get to do this challenge but here it is…

I love sea animals. Ocean life amazes me!!! That’s why I chose my current theme. When i was looking for a theme, I was looking for two sidebars because I wanted to have a loot of widgets. It was kind of difficult because there were many themes that fit my style, but the fish one won because it was so awesome!!! I’m thinking about changing it, but I don’t know yet. It’s really cool, in my opinion. So…

  • What theme do you have?
  • What is your “ideal” theme?
  • Why do you like about your theme?

That’s it for now! Bye everyone!!!!


Miracle’s Boys Essay

Just another school project about a book called Miracle’s Boys. Pretty good book; you should read it!:)


Lost, misguided, mistreated, unsure, hurt. In the novel Miracle’s Boys by Jacqueline Woodson, three brothers, Ty’ree, Charlie, and Lafayette, suffer with both of their parents being dead, and try to survive their cold and hard world as a family and try to overcome their family problems. The story begins with Charlie robbing Poncho’s Candy Store and is sent to Rahway School for Boys, for his crime. While he is there, Milagro, the mother of Charlie, Lafayette and Ty’ree, dies of low insulin. Later, Charlie comes back from Rahway. He is practically evil now, and befriends with Aaron, a bully from their neighborhood. He calls Lafayette (his younger brother) things like “Milagro Killer” because Lafayette watched his mom die. Charlie believes that he could’ve saved his mother. Later on in the story, Ty’ree (older brother of Aaron and Lafayette) tells the story of how their father died to Lafayette, and how Ty’ree could’ve saved him. This seems to comfort Lafayette. While Charlie is out with Aaron, Ty’ree and Lafayette spend time talking about their parents and start to connect. Everything was peaceful. Then, they received a call from the police station. Charlie was in a stolen car. When his brothers saw him, Charlie was ashamed. He had gotten beaten up badly because he was tricked by Aaron. Aaron said they were going to a party, but they were going into a gang initiation, and no one leaves without hurting others, or getting hurt. Ty’ree and Lafayette were shocked at Charlie. The next day, Charlie goes back to normal, like the loving brother he used to be. At the end, Ty’ree, Charlie, and Lafayette seem to open up to each other and get along. They are trying to find a way to make it through this world filled with hardship together. All of the characters learn that life is hard, but you have to find a way to get through it.
There are a few ways that the setting of Miracle’s Boys can prove that life is hard. Lafayette, Ty’ree, and Charlie live in a bad area. Living in a bad area can be hard because you’ll never know if you’re really safe. You are also surrounded by gangsters. Who would want to raise kids around that area? They might turn out to be gangsters too, and I’m sure that Ty’ree would hate it if Charlie or Lafayette was a gangster. However, Ty’ree teaches Lafayette how he should act and behave and sets an example for Lafayette. Life would also be kind of hard if it rains because you wouldn’t be able to do anything outside. You’d have to stay indoors, unless you want to get soaked. Lafayette and Ty’ree weren’t bothered by the rain, though, because they found their own way to amuse themselves. As you can see, the setting proves that life is hard, but you have to find a way to get through it.
In this novel by Jacqueline Woodson, the characters also show that life is hard, but you have to deal with it. For example, Ty’ree has to support his bothers. He is only in his early twenties and yet, he works full time and tries to raise his brothers. This isn’t fair. Ty’ree had always wanted to go to college, but couldn’t because he needs to support his family. However, he seems to deal with this problem rather well and hardly complains. Another example is when Lafayette is constantly being bullied by Charlie. Lafayette doesn’t do anything wrong to Charlie, yet Charlie acts so cruel towards him and makes him feel guilty about his mother’s death. Lafayette has a hard time dealing with these problems, but tries to overcome them. Charlie also proves that life is hard when he gets beat up by a gangster for not wanting to be a gangster and when he gets used by his “best friend” Aaron! Charlie tries to get a fresh start to deal with these problems. These brothers know for a fact that life is hard, but the only thing you can do is deal with it.
The plot also shows that life is hard, but you have to get through it. For example, the parents (of Charlie, Ty’ree, and Lafayette) are dead, and their kids suffered because of it. It wasn’t fair, but they had to get through that hardship. Another example is when Charlie got beat up for not joining a gang, even though he didn’t want to go to the initiation anyway.  That is not fair! He took a beating for it, too! That’s not fair either. As you can see, events in the story also show how life is not fair, but there is always a path that may lead you in the right direction.
The theme, life is hard but you have to keep on going, can also be related to today. For example, with all the economy trouble and unemployment, life is very difficult. People need to cut back and watch what they spend their money on. However, people aren’t just giving up! They’re fighting and trying to make things work! School can also be difficult for some kids, but they are also trying to work their problems. Deaths can also be a huge hardship in anyone’s life. People have their own way of dealing with deaths too. So as you can see, the theme life is hard but you have to deal with your problems comes up in everyone’s life.

Forms of Fiction Skits

Hi everyone!!! I was doing a school project about forms of fiction and we had to write two skits about a story. One skit had to be the original story, and the second one had to show the characters breaking out of their stereotypes (like the princess won’t be all nice). I chose a story called “Brother and Sister”. I thought it was very interesting. I hope you enjoy my skits!!!:)

Brother And Sister Story Play


NARRATOR: Two children are abused horribly by their stepmother (who if fact, is a wicked witch).

STEPDAUGHTER: We must run away before we starve to death and be abused again by our wicked mother!

STEPSON: Well let’s go! Only pack a few of your things

NARRATOR: The two children pack up only a few things and ran away into the woods. They fell asleep by a tree. What they didn’t know is that the witch overheard and followed them quietly. They came across a river. The children were famished and the little boy was thirsty. They came across a river. The witch was still creeping behind.

WITCH: (murmurs spell) Whoever drinks shall be a tiger.

STEPSON: (bends on knees) Finally, a beautiful stream! I can drink!

STEPDAUGHTER: (cups hand around ear) Did you hear that, dear bother? You will become a tiger if you drink from that stream! You’ll eat me!

STEPSON: (sighs and stands up) Very well then. I shall drink from the next stream we see.

WITCH: Darn!

NARRATOR: The two children continued to walk and the witch continued to followed. Another stream caught the attention of the thirsty boy.

STEPSON: (Grins and bends down) Now, I will drink!

WITCH: Another chance! (murmurs spell) Whoever drinks, shall become a wolf.

STEPDAUGHTER: Brother, did you hear the hushed voice this time? You’ll become a wolf if you drink from that stream and eat me! Oh please dear brother, I beg you not to drink and wait for the next stream.

STEPSON: (says with patience) Fine! But, sister, I’m afraid that I’ll have to drink at the very next stream. My thirst is really great.

NARRATOR: So the two continued, and so did the witch. They came across a stream and  the stepson, dying of thirst, became happy.

WITCH: (murmurs spell) Whoever drinks shall become a deer.

STEPDAUGHTER: Brother! Wait!

NARRATOR: However, it was too late. The brother had already taken a sip of the stream and turned into a deer. The two cried and cried. The stepdaughter made a promise to never leave her deer/brother. The stepdaughter moved on with her brother right by her side. They walked deeper and deeper into the woods until they found a small vacant house. They decided to live there. The stepdaughter made everything work, and soon, things became a routine. It was a wonderful life.

STEPSON: Oh sister! Please allow me to go join the hunt! Please!

NARRATOR: It took a lot of persuasion, but the stepdaughter agreed.

STEPDAUGHTER: But brother, I will have to lock my door to keep the huntsmen out. When you return home, call out “My little sister, let me in!” so I will know it is you.

NARRATOR: The brother agreed and rushed out the door. The little sister continued with her chores. When the king and his huntsmen saw the deer (who was the stepson) they were
dazzled. They desired to catch it, but the deer was simply too quick. The deer rushed back to the small house, said the code, and was once again safe. The next day, the brother went out again. At night, he found himself surrounded by huntsmen. One of them had wounded the deer’s feet. The deer slowly got away, but one of the huntsmen saw the little house that the deer would say his code and enter. The huntsman repeated the code and the stepdaughter opened the door. However she quickly closed is before the man came in. The huntsman told the king what he saw, and the king agreed to continue the hunt for another day. Shortly after the huntsman came, the deer came in the house. The sister was terrified about his wound, but cured it. The next day, the deer felt better and persuaded his sister to let him go outside again. The sister agreed. The king had no intention to hurt the deer, but he wanted to see where the little house was. He commanded his huntsmen to show him where it was, after they followed the deer all day. The huntsmen had found the little house and the king knocked on the door and said the password. The stepdaughter was slightly scared, but the king had a kind look on his face. The king had never seen such a beautiful girl.

KING: Fair maiden, will you take my hand in marriage and come live with me in my castle?

STEPDAUGHTER: Yes, but I will have to take my little deer with me. I will not desert him for anything.

KING: He shall come with you and will be treated kindly.

NARRATOR: The king and the stepdaughter were married. The stepdaughter was now queen. Her brother was very pleased with his lifestyle. Everything was peaceful and mellow.
News spread, and soon, the wicked stepmother had heard about the wonderful lives oh her  stepchildren and became enraged. She thought they had been killed already. Her own, true daughter was also a little jealous.

TRUE DAUGHTER: I should be queen! Not her!

WITCH: Oh relax! When the time has come, things shall change, and you, my daughter, will be the queen.

NARRATOR: The queen had been blessed with a little boy. The witch disguised herself as a maid and drew the reckless queen a bath.

WITCH: Come on now, before your bath gets cold.

NARRATOR: The queen followed the witch and was placed in an extremely hot bath. The witch locked the door and soon, the queen died of suffocation. The witch then disguised her own daughter as the queen, but had a problem because the daughter only had one eye. The daughter just lied on the bed in a certain position to cover her missing eye. When the king came home from a hunt, he was told he couldn’t see the queen because she was is pain. He did not know someone else was lying on the bed. That night, the nurse was watching the baby in the cradle. All of a sudden, the true queen opened the door, rocked her baby, tucked him in, stroked the deer, and went back out the door in silence. The nurse had conversed with other guards, but they did not see anyone enter the palace. The nurse kept the queen’s visit to herself. The queen came in many more times, but was always silent. One day, she walked in and said…

QUEEN: “How is my child? How is my deer? I shall come two more times, then never again.”

NARRATOR: The next day, the nurse told the king everything. The king decided to spend the night to see it for himself. Sure enough, the queen walked in at night and said…

QUEEN: “How is my child? How is my deer? I shall come one more time, then never again.”

NARRATOR: The king did not speak to her. He, again, spent the night with the baby and deer. The queen walked in.

QUEEN: “How is my child? How is my deer? I shall come this one time, then never again.”

KING: (jumps up from out of chair towards QUEEN) You have to be my beloved wife!

QUEEN: (turns to king) Yes, I am.

NARRATOR: At that moment, the queen was turned into a human again. She told the king about the witch’s and the witch’s daughter’s plot to kill her. The witch’s daughter was thrown into the woods and eaten by wild animals. The witch was thrown into a fire and burned to death. When the witch was turned into ashes, the stepson had turned back into a human. And the brother, sister, king, and child, lived happily ever after.


NARRATOR: Two kids are being tortured by a wicked evil woman, who is their stepmom.  They cannot stand more abuse and have decided to run away.

STEPDAUGHTER: Brother, even though I resent you with all my heart, I don’t want you to perish. Therefore, you will come with me to run away from this dungeon, if you want.

STEPSON: Running away is better than living here with the “wicked witch of our lives”
So pack a few things, and let’s leave. But where do we go?

STEPDAUGHTER: Let’s go to the police station and report this evil mother.

STEPSON: Good idea for the dumbest person in the world!

STEPDAUGHTER: Oh shut up! Just be happy that I decided to take YOU with ME! Imagine if my friends saw me! Oh no! I would just die of embarrassment!

STEPSON: I think you have it all wrong! Let’s just go before someone has to turn me into the police for killing you!

NARRATOR: The stepmother had heard everything. She thought that her stepchildren were demons (because of the stepdaughter’s attitude) and deserved to be punished. However, once in a while she treated her stepchildren with a lot of respect and gave them a whole feast to eat.

STEPMOTHER:  Oh those spoiled brats! I try to give them the best, even though they are demons, yet they decided to run away? Oh no, this can’t happen! I’ll follow them!
I’ll bring a poisonous chocolate bar too, so the male demon will die and the spoiled girl will eventually die. She’s so stupid she forgot that I have her cell phone. She die within 10 minutes!

NARRATOR: The children had left and the stepmother had slowly followed behind. They walked for two miles and the children had gotten hungry. The witch threw the candy bar on the ground.

STEPSON: It’s a gift from the sky!!! Let’s eat it!

NARRATOR: The boy ate the whole candy bar in one bite. He swallowed it with pleasure.
STEPSON: Sister! Help me! (gets down on knees, then dies)

STEPDAUGHTER: Wake up! Wake up! Oh no he’s dead!!!!

STEPMOTHER: He’s not the only one that’s going to die…

STEPDAUGHTER: Oh no! (runs away terrified of stepmother)

STEPMOTHER: Wait! If you go on you will be killed by the huntsmen!

NARRATOR: The stepmother cried out to try to stop her stepdaughter, but it was too late. The stepdaughter had already ran into the woods. The stepmother sat and wept. There was nothing she could do to help her stepdaughter escape.

HUNTSMEN: (murmur) Who is that ugly, hideous, girl we see? We must take her to the king to inspect her to see if she is a witch!

STEPDAUGHTER: (hears huntsmen) I am not ugly! If anything you are the ugly ones here! I’m trying to save my own life! Don’t you see my abusive stepmother is following me?

HUNTSMEN: She must be mad! For no one is following her! She must be executed right away!

NARRATOR: So the huntsmen tied her up and hung her to a tree, despite her pleads. All the huntsmen left and soon, the stepdaughter died of starvation. The stepmother looked for her stepdaughter and finally found her.

STEPMOTHER: Is that MY stepdaughter? Now my own stepchildren are dead, and I’ve been the cause of their death! Oh, what have I done? I no longer deserve to live.

NARRATOR: She went and got a gun and committed suicide. Even though she was mean, a part of her heart was pure. And even though the stepdaughter was the absolutely meanest, ugliest, and disrespectful person on earth, she did not deserve to die, and neither that the stepbrother. They lived a rocky life while they were living, but they were now forever in peace in death.

For My Visitors…:) Student Blooging Challenge 6

Hey Everyone! I was doing the Student Blogging Challenge and I came across the option of doing a Wordle. I thought it would be a good thing to do, since it would help people know me better! Well, here it is. I hope you like it.

Picture 6

Now that you saw my Wordle, and know a bit more about me, why don’t you leave a comment and tell me some words that describe you? Or better yet, you can create a Wordle, and comment your blog link so I could see it and leave a comment! I hope to hear from you!

JessicaStar 🙂

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