Miracle’s Boys Essay

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Just another school project about a book called Miracle’s Boys. Pretty good book; you should read it!:)


Lost, misguided, mistreated, unsure, hurt. In the novel Miracle’s Boys by Jacqueline Woodson, three brothers, Ty’ree, Charlie, and Lafayette, suffer with both of their parents being dead, and try to survive their cold and hard world as a family and try to overcome their family problems. The story begins with Charlie robbing Poncho’s Candy Store and is sent to Rahway School for Boys, for his crime. While he is there, Milagro, the mother of Charlie, Lafayette and Ty’ree, dies of low insulin. Later, Charlie comes back from Rahway. He is practically evil now, and befriends with Aaron, a bully from their neighborhood. He calls Lafayette (his younger brother) things like “Milagro Killer” because Lafayette watched his mom die. Charlie believes that he could’ve saved his mother. Later on in the story, Ty’ree (older brother of Aaron and Lafayette) tells the story of how their father died to Lafayette, and how Ty’ree could’ve saved him. This seems to comfort Lafayette. While Charlie is out with Aaron, Ty’ree and Lafayette spend time talking about their parents and start to connect. Everything was peaceful. Then, they received a call from the police station. Charlie was in a stolen car. When his brothers saw him, Charlie was ashamed. He had gotten beaten up badly because he was tricked by Aaron. Aaron said they were going to a party, but they were going into a gang initiation, and no one leaves without hurting others, or getting hurt. Ty’ree and Lafayette were shocked at Charlie. The next day, Charlie goes back to normal, like the loving brother he used to be. At the end, Ty’ree, Charlie, and Lafayette seem to open up to each other and get along. They are trying to find a way to make it through this world filled with hardship together. All of the characters learn that life is hard, but you have to find a way to get through it.
There are a few ways that the setting of Miracle’s Boys can prove that life is hard. Lafayette, Ty’ree, and Charlie live in a bad area. Living in a bad area can be hard because you’ll never know if you’re really safe. You are also surrounded by gangsters. Who would want to raise kids around that area? They might turn out to be gangsters too, and I’m sure that Ty’ree would hate it if Charlie or Lafayette was a gangster. However, Ty’ree teaches Lafayette how he should act and behave and sets an example for Lafayette. Life would also be kind of hard if it rains because you wouldn’t be able to do anything outside. You’d have to stay indoors, unless you want to get soaked. Lafayette and Ty’ree weren’t bothered by the rain, though, because they found their own way to amuse themselves. As you can see, the setting proves that life is hard, but you have to find a way to get through it.
In this novel by Jacqueline Woodson, the characters also show that life is hard, but you have to deal with it. For example, Ty’ree has to support his bothers. He is only in his early twenties and yet, he works full time and tries to raise his brothers. This isn’t fair. Ty’ree had always wanted to go to college, but couldn’t because he needs to support his family. However, he seems to deal with this problem rather well and hardly complains. Another example is when Lafayette is constantly being bullied by Charlie. Lafayette doesn’t do anything wrong to Charlie, yet Charlie acts so cruel towards him and makes him feel guilty about his mother’s death. Lafayette has a hard time dealing with these problems, but tries to overcome them. Charlie also proves that life is hard when he gets beat up by a gangster for not wanting to be a gangster and when he gets used by his “best friend” Aaron! Charlie tries to get a fresh start to deal with these problems. These brothers know for a fact that life is hard, but the only thing you can do is deal with it.
The plot also shows that life is hard, but you have to get through it. For example, the parents (of Charlie, Ty’ree, and Lafayette) are dead, and their kids suffered because of it. It wasn’t fair, but they had to get through that hardship. Another example is when Charlie got beat up for not joining a gang, even though he didn’t want to go to the initiation anyway.  That is not fair! He took a beating for it, too! That’s not fair either. As you can see, events in the story also show how life is not fair, but there is always a path that may lead you in the right direction.
The theme, life is hard but you have to keep on going, can also be related to today. For example, with all the economy trouble and unemployment, life is very difficult. People need to cut back and watch what they spend their money on. However, people aren’t just giving up! They’re fighting and trying to make things work! School can also be difficult for some kids, but they are also trying to work their problems. Deaths can also be a huge hardship in anyone’s life. People have their own way of dealing with deaths too. So as you can see, the theme life is hard but you have to deal with your problems comes up in everyone’s life.

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